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Website Design and Development

Website Design & Development

Whether it is an existing website or an entirely new one, we here at VCOMP Inc. can work with you to suit your own needs. We offer high end website design, content creation & organization and ongoing revision & customization. Do you need to stand out from the rest of your competitors? VCOMP can help give you that customized and creative look that your competition lacks. It is all about your vision, and we can help you attain your specific goals in mind regarding the look and feel of your website model. At times the client may not be entirely sure what they need. Not to worry, since we help walk our clients through the web design company and implementation process, which helps resolve what their specific needs are.

Our Website Development Steps:

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Correct Content

  • Optimized Media

Planning Phase

Planning a website design and development should be the very first order of business. A good planning phase means for a successful and goal oriented website. Not only this, but it helps us familiarize with what’s most important for the business. Tell us your goals and business objectives so that our suggestions can follow accordingly. We also prepare competitor analysis reports to contrast what your current competition is doing effectively and what they may be lacking.

Web Design Process

After fully understanding your brand, the Web design process takes place. We can design fully unique looking homepage and inner pages for your company. Once the look and feel of your website design is complete, we can then go ahead and create it.


Our programmers and Web design team work together to design & develop the entire website as per what was discussed in the planning and web design phases. Our web design company work to create a secure, unique and responsive website for your company that will stand out from the rest.

Web Marketing

Generally, we prefer to perform some marketing feats for your website in order to get a jump start. Organic Optimization is a good way to start, as well as Social Channel creation/maintenance. Having your title tags, meta descriptions, etc. is important for your website’s success in terms of ranking and efficiency. Your customers need to be able to find your brand easier. Adding marketing efforts to your website before launch is a great way to ensure a higher quality website overall. Plus you don’t waste time afterward.

Quality Assurance

When all seems complete, it is crucial to do some final testing throughout the website. Our team will work/check to see if the website meets their standards. Our eyes are specially trained and are able to catch imperfections or minor issues that may arise along the way. Along with our skill and technical tools, we ensure that your site is ready to go!


Finally, the most exciting part of the website design and development process is without a doubt the very end, meaning it can finally go live. The hard work may seem over, but don’t forget, it is important to regularly maintain your website as well as monthly ranking reports, search engine optimization, and social channel engagements. This helps drive the influx of traffic to your webpage and eventually generate conversions.