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Inventory Management

Inventory Management


Since 1996 we have provided reliable custom Inventory Management Websites to small businesses and corporations across the United States who have their own unique way of doing business that must be reflected in their inventory management solution.


Do you handle large volumes of inventory but you don’t sell direct? Do you need to a way to automatically send/receive your POs and allow employees and 3rd parties to also access the system to make your life easier? Do you need a Web based solution, accessible from anywhere, that does the work for you?


Manufacturers and distributors who move high quantities of inventory (not necessarily connected to a storefront) still need robust data management systems with easy to use Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to manage their stock, interact with their personnel and colleagues, and track their volumes. We understand and we will help you build it.


  • Years of experience in custom Inventory Management and high-end data driven Websites with advanced, custom management features.
  • Experience with a wealth of different industries.
  • Good listeners and we are excellent at engineering the idea ensuring all the bases are covered prior to development.
  • In most cases – we have the answers to “how can I do this?”. Chances are what you are looking for is very similar to something we have built previously but probably not exact either.
  • Trustworthy and reliable. We are here for you full-time.
  • Profound experience with 3rd party data tools commonly used by high-end system owners such as Microsoft Chart, EXCEL, among many more.
  • Wide range of IT knowledge far beyond programming such as IIS Server Management, SQL Server database management, and vast experience with PHP for legacy applications.
  • Search engine optimization built-in to the front-end of every Inventory Management systems we build (permitting it has a front-end) with advanced ranking techniques such as URL Rewrite.
  • Our own private hosting systems built and designed for applications that allow you the freedom to have high-end and scalable Inventory Management solutions capable of handling lots of data and traffic.
  • Highly personalized service.