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How to Boost Product Sales with Amazon Marketing

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We’ve touched on this topic before, but it is now more apparent than ever. If you are a brand or company that provides products, it is highly worth your time to consider the proper implementation of your products on the Amazon Marketing Interface. As we’ve been helping clients grow their reach on Amazon, we’ve been keeping in mind that Amazon has changed from a major Google advertiser to a major competitor. Studies today show that more than 50% of consumers start searching for a product of interest on Amazon instead of Google. This has caused more than 60% of sellers to plan an increase of their marketing budget on Amazon for the next year. This percentage is rather larger than Google and Facebook spending… isn’t that interesting? Essentially Amazon is another Google when it comes to advertising your products and having a solid Amazon Marketing Strategy in place is imperative.


What are some things to keep in mind when entering the Amazon Marketplace? The first thing you should consider when listing your products is developing a proper strategy that is planned and thought out. If you just want to post your items in Amazon listings and hope for sales, you may not experience what you are hoping for. We like to develop a strategy to follow from beginning to end with our clients and ensure that every single aspect is optimized for the best possible outcome. Start by evaluating your competition and the landscape surrounding it. Is your competition already on Amazon? Join the fight and if they are not already on Amazon… that’s even better! Get a jump start and gain that edge.


Amazon Store Management & Services - VCOMP IncNext up, identify your brand’s differences through keywords research. We can help plan your targetted keywords through analyzing which ones will be more likely to perform best. Combining this along with proper meta and content optimization, including pictures, text, and even price will help to create your overall business image. We don’t skip any detail when it comes to ensuring your Amazon listings are set up in proper order. Balance is key! All elements must work together in order for your business to grow.


With the traction that Amazon has today, manufacturers and retailers can no longer ignore the benefits that can be attained by maintaining an optimized Amazon Store. Your success and growth on Amazon can be achieved through the research, careful planning, and overall commitment to the platform. Let us help you strategize and help your business grow on an ever-expanding service. For more information please fill out the form below or visit our Contact Page and give us a call. We look forward to helping you grow in the Amazon Marketplace.


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