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Lead/Client Management (CRM)

Manage the flow of information from Prospecting to closing the Sale

Lead/Client Management


CRM Systems Consulting is one of the few investments that your business can fully justify in this economy because, to steer your company through these turbulent times, it is more important than ever to be on top of every lead, every opportunity and every customer interaction. However, what sometimes is difficult to cope with is a big up-front software investment that’s expensive to install and maintain. This is where VCOMP Inc has become very useful for our clients as we can guide you through the process of choosing and implementing the proper CRM Systems Consulting, with the most cost effective approach


Below are some of the most common and cost effective CRM Systems Consulting in the market today. No matter how large your organization, they will help your sales and management teams become more effective by having a better control on the entire prospecting and sales Systems Consulting processes.


Lead/Client Management, CRM Systems, Digital Marketing - VCOMP IncTeamlab Office – is a cloud business service that enables you to manage customer relations, projects and associated documentation in one place. You don’t need to switch back and forth between multiple applications to perform different tasks. With TeamLab you obtain a single multi-featured systems consulting to organize every step of your work improving your productivity and optimizing efforts for success.


Lead/Client Management, CRM Systems, Digital Marketing - VCOMP IncZoho CRM – is recommended by top analysts and used by more than 50,000 companies worldwide. It’s lead management system consulting automates lead-generation, lead-tracking, follow-ups, etc in a simple yet incredibly powerful fashion, letting you manage every aspect of your customer relationships in one smart, central location. Zoho CRM offers complete support for small and medium sized businesses as it was explicitly designed that way.


Lead/Client Management, CRM Systems, Digital Marketing - VCOMP IncMicrosoft Dynamics – is a flexible, powerful business solution for customer relationship management (CRM) Systems Consulting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) that can help make your sales people more productive and can grow with your business. Whether you’re outgrowing your accounting software or need help managing your customers, a business solution from Microsoft delivers and connects the systems consulting you need to run your business.


Lead/Client Management, CRM Systems, Digital Marketing - VCOMP IncSalesforce – provides everything you need to grow your company and connect your customers to the next generation of apps and devices, all powered by the Salesforce Customer Platform. With Salesforce CRM Systems Consulting solutions and their cloud-computing model, you can mind your customers and your budget at the same time. The Salesforce business CRM Systems Consulting products include applications for critical areas of your business like sales and customer service.


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