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How to Create Content for SEO

SEO marketing, content creation for businesses - VCOMP Inc.Visibility. This is a major thing that companies and brands are looking for. With the right amount of exposure and reach, your company could go from unknown startup to successful company. Now, obviously, these are generalizations, but the concept remains important. There are various methods that a company can use to improve their visibility towards potential clients and customers. The one we’d like to focus on quickly is the daunting task of Search Engine Optimization… what a term. Sounds like there is a lot of meaning packed into those three words. While you may be right in thinking that, there is a way to get around any concerns you may have with this process.


Today we all know what SEO is and some basics of how to optimize your own website, blog, as well as social channels. But just like technology and the world we live in, things are changing day by day. This obviously impacts the way we should work with SEO. Back in time, before Google’s search algorithms became much more cognizant of spammy links, reused content and quick tricks to get on top of the searches, things seemed pretty straightforward for SEO. All you had to do was build links across the web, produce some content with targetted keywords and rinse and repeat. Nowadays things are not as simple and the process can seem more arduous. There must be some method to the madness, and the main idea companies and brands need to incorporate into their SEO practices is the notion of ‘content being king’.


What brands should focus on today, is the idea of creating meaningful and original content for their audience. How can you as a company owner, share a specific story or insight into your profession that could ultimately aid the reader in learning something, solving a problem, or simply getting their question answered? If you want to rank higher in the searches, you have to give Google a reason to think you belong there.


A lot of people still push out very thin content with no purpose or backbone to it. This means that they are pages packed with re-used content, ideas and even a ton of keywords (plastering keywords all over your page is not good practice these days). Other websites pack their pages with loads of keywords to try and increase their rankings. Although this may have been a good tactic in the past, nowadays it is just considered as spam and Google will not consider your content as relevant/worthy of being shown to readers. If you produce non-original material and use other people’s ideas, the algorithm will be able to tell.


Provide answers and help to your customers in everything that you post. Originality is key here. Show people what you know and how you excel in the field you love. Create content around specific topics that can help your customers. If people can gather value from what you are providing them, then you will surely see a positive result in both Google search results (SERPs) and clients. Enjoyable and informative copy is what will get you ahead today, especially when you can connect it to your targeted keywords. Align your ideas with a specific keyword in mind and show how you stand out.


Content and Search Engine Optimization are more interconnected than ever today. We focus on creating meaningful, and helpful content with our clients so that they provide the best advice to their audience. If you want to know more about how you can grow your Google rankings, do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to talk shop and work towards helping you grow. Fill out the form below or click here to visit our contact us page to give us a call.


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