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Amazon Sales & Marketing Services

Amazon Sales & Marketing Services


To begin, do questions like these ever pop into your head? “How do we sell products on Amazon? What do we need to create an Amazon account? How should we set up our Amazon store? How do we Improve our Amazon Sales? Should we do Amazon advertising? What Amazon tools should we use? ….”


If these are questions that you or your colleagues often ask during your weekly meetings, you are on the right track. On the other hand, if you are still wondering if the Amazon Online Marketplace would be a good fit for your products, you are probably losing valuable time. In today’s day and age, you’ve already probably heard that Amazon is pushing more of our purchasing experience towards online channels. Undoubtedly, these  have become a real force in the new and modern retail space. Therefore if your business sells products, it is safe to assume that they should be given a chance to continue their success in the Amazon Marketplace.


At VCOMP we realize that in order to better help our customers, we must include the Amazon Marketplace into our regular service offerings. As a result, this is why we invest heavily in gaining the appropriate amount of Amazon knowledge to help our clients. If you require aide, contact our professional staff to help you get you set up in the Amazon Marketplace. Don’t wait! Set yourself up for success and get your listings in order today.


Our Amazon Sales & Marketing services include:

  1. Amazon Sales & Marketing Services, Amazon Account & Store Creation, Seller Account ManagementHow to Set Up Amazon Account & Listings
  2. Amazon Seller Store & Account Management
  3. Amazon Product Marketing & Ranking Services


Here are some of the steps we perform:

  1. Create Amazon Seller Account
  2. Set up Product Listing Pages (this includes research of existing competitors)
  3. Optimize the Product Listing Pages using appropriate keywords and terms
  4. Manage Prices for Higher Probability to achieve the Buy Box
  5. Set up and Manage Sponsored Campaigns
  6. Monitor and Improve Product Rankings
  7. Handle Promotions, Deals and Special Offers
  8. Strategy for proper balance between Fulfilled by Amazon and Fulfilled by Seller
  9. Advise on Shipping Systems & Inventory Management Tools
  10. Any other steps that are necessary based on your business


For questions about our Amazon Sales & Marketing Services, Click Here.