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New Prospects & Leads

Diversified Sources for Lead Generation

New Prospects & Leads


Initiating and nurturing relationships with prospects and leads is an on-going activity that requires diligent attention. Businesses should take a proactive approach to pursuing sales leads and instituting cost effective practices that will educate and attract the attention of targeted leads generation.


Targeted Lead Generation Prospecting


Targeted lead generation prospecting is a very important aspect of the overall prospecting strategies and organizations spend a significant amount of money and energy to support it. There are numerous ways of reaching out and interacting with your targeted lead generation & prospects. Some of the popular strategies include:


  • Email marketing campaigns and e-newsletters
  • RSS feeds
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Blogs, articles, and Social Media Marketing
  • Promotional offers or free trials
  • Auto-responders
  • Click-to-call (Internet to phone) services


How Inbound Prospecting Comes into Play


Inbound marketing is one of the most successful techniques used to position your company in front of potential prospects. Due to the Internet growth, the internet searches are the main element of creating a successful inbound prospecting strategy. People search for either:


  • Your exact products and/or services
  • The solution to a problem that your products and/or services can solve
  • More information about a problem that your products and/or services can solve
  • Reviews or the best supplier of your products and/or services


Offline Prospecting


Offline Prospecting helps companies generate interest for their products and services by using offline marketing channels like: direct mail and catalogs, public relations, television, radio and print. Offline channels drive higher value customers who are more loyal and have higher average orders and depends greatly on how strong the brand is out there.


Lead Generation Sources

  • Cold Calling / Walk-In

  • Radio/TV/Magazines

  • Internet

Online Lead Generation

  • Outbound Activities

  • Referral Sources

  • Inbound