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Email Systems


Email systems for small companies are undergoing a big upgrade as competition for online users heats up among large technology firms. Companies such as Google Inc., AOL Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Facebook Inc. see small business as a lucrative market, so they are battling to add features tailored to its needs. As a result, small-business e-mail services are getting better quickly.


But with the proper approach, firms can manage their e-mail more efficiently, save time and add to the bottom line.


emailGoogleAppsGoogle Apps for Business – Join the 5 million businesses using Google Apps. Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It’s simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters. Productivity is the main design element for G-Mail. 30GB of storage shared across Google Apps and the option to purchase more means you never have to delete anything. Powerful search lets you find everything, and labels and filters help you stay organized.



emailMSExchangeMicrosoft Exchange – Increase user productivity and keep your organization safe, while maintaining the control you need. Exchange lets you tailor your solution based on your unique needs. This ensures that communications are always available while you remain in control, on your own terms—online, on-premises, or both. Exchange provides you with flexible options for moving to the cloud, whether that’s onboarding to the cloud overnight or managing a hybrid deployment with mailboxes that are both on-premises and online.



emailLocalCustom Email Systems – Sometimes existing email systems are the preferred method for productivity in the workplace. In this case, we at VCOMP Inc. can implement customized email systems for improved functionality and efficiency. Based on the specific needs of the client, custom email systems can work extremely well with current email platforms.