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Influencer Marketing within a Budget

There’s no doubt that influencer marketing has unmatched penetration. Everybody from retailers to creatives has taken to the trend like fish to water.   The writing on the wall is pretty clear. COVID or not, this marketing channel has no shortage of takers. However, there’s…

Dimensions of Google Display Ads in 2021

According to statistics, 4.72 billion people use the internet worldwide in April 2021. This number accounts for more than 60% of the global population. As a result, having a solid social media presence would undoubtedly assist a business in reaching new heights.   Around 2 million…

Influencers and their Content Force

Before online influencer marketing became a major thing (and way before it was legitimized as a structured technique or a lucrative career path), it was known as word-of-mouth marketing. As a kid, I learned about the concept by way of a popular commercial for Faberge Organics,…

Hiring an SEO Agency – The Benefits

Are you thinking about hiring a SEO agency for your business? Many business owners choose to design their own website and marketing strategies. They soon realize that this is a lot more work than they anticipated and unfortunately, it is not just a one-off task either-it is something you have to improve on a regular basis.