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VCOMP Inc. strives to be your preferred technology partner for your business

At VCOMP INC., our goal is your success. Our entire focus in Online Internet Marketing is to ensure that our clients achieve the utmost from using Technology in all aspects of their activities. Whether you are trying to improve your Sales systems, your Marketing strategies, the Operations efficiencies or the Support response time, today’s technology can help your staff tremendously.

Where are we located ? What do we do ?


Operating out of our office in Mississauga, VCOMP INC. has been servicing clients from GTA and the province of Ontario since 1996. During this time, we experienced the significant developments in technology as it pertains to computers, peripherals, mobile devices, communication, Internet, etc. Our mandate has been and still is to stay in tune with the latest trends of technology at all times so that our clients don’t have to do it. We all know how difficult it is for internal IT departments to stay on top of the technology while ensuring the current systems operate efficiently at all times

At the same time, we have been working with internal departments like: Sales, Business Development, Online Internet Marketing, Operations, Support, etc to help them introduce the proper technology in their departments as well as utilize it appropriately to generate the best results


Who are our Clients ?


Throughout it’s existence, VCOMP Inc. has been servicing companies from a multitude of industries. From Technology to Transportation, Hospitality, Services, etc, we have a great amount of experience working with both B2C and B2B partners. Also, we spent a great deal of effort supporting various Charities and Non for Profit organizations. This allows us to not only identify the most cost effective ways to work together but it also gives us the opportunity to “give back”.


What are our goals ? How do we achieve them ?


Our mandate is to work diligently with our clients to develop the best suited Online Internet Marketing strategy for their particular business. The most important part of doing this is understanding each circumstance as well as the particular goals of each client. Then, we can identify the best possible ways to help you take advantage of the latest technology trends and achieve your goal in the best possible way. Most of the times, we accomplish our mandate by creating long term relationships, which allows us to act as an extension of your office, always prepared technically and aware of your operation and business goals.

Below is a snap shot of the popularity of our services across the span of the multiple projects in our portfolio


Information Technology


Lead Generation


Brand Management


Back End Systems